Vamp it Up Tutorial

  1. Use finger to tap Bisque shadow primer onto eyelid.
  2. Use #30 brush with onyx invincible eye gel to line eyelid tracing along the eyelashes.
  3. Use black eye pencil to line the upper and lower water line of eyes.
  4. Using brush #28 pony fluff tap ebony eyeshadow onto eyes from the base of the lashes up to the outer corners of the eyes.
  5. Using #22 brush tap Amethyst shadow onto the inner corners and middle of eye lids.
  6. Apply Black plum star dust over the Amethyst shadow to add depth.
  7. Using brush #35 color Amethyst eyeshadow under eye near the bottom lashes and blend out for a smoky effect.
  8. Blend together with #34.
  9. Use #31 to line onyx cream gel liner onto the tops of eyelids
  10. Use black eye pencil to line lips and fill in with TRUE. Plum matte lipstick.
  11. Contour cheeks with brush # 11 ebony shadow and black plum star dust using brush
  12. Highlight face with iced star dust using brush #11

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